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About me

My name is Agnieszka Stasicka. I was born in Bielsko-Biala and I studied French and English philology at the University of Wroclaw and Charles de Gaulle University in Lille. I lived in France for over a year. I’m interested in art, culture, and in my free time I like travelling.

My love for languages and curiosity about people and the world started from an early age. My Bachelor’s degree gave me the opportunity to explore the history and culture of France, and during my Master’s, I concentrated mainly on the literature of the seventeenth century and translations. I gained, however, a passion for teaching, as well as the desire to help others.

Despite the fact that I quit my teacher training course (I rebelled against the impractical theoretical side of it), I knew that my future would be linked to the education industry. I also predicted that the method of communication between people would change, and most of the time interaction would occur online. Therefore, in 2007, I decided to conduct my first online lesson.

The idea of online lessons came to me on a June afternoon, when I was walking down 3rd May Street in Bielsko-Biala. I wanted to earn some extra money for myself as a student but I had no experience in teaching, and the ad, which I had stuck to a pole in the centre of the city, had not been answered by anyone. Feeling sad, I saw a billboard with a great slogan: "To learn more about our product, please call us for free through Skype." And I thought, "Skype! That's it!"

Since that ground-breaking day I spend almost every afternoon "skyping" in different languages with people from all over the world. To practise, in the beginning, I conducted lessons on my family. As time passed, I decided to try language exchange: I teach you English and you teach me Spanish. The first person who responded to my online ad was Anna, living in California. As it turned out, she was from Kaniow, a village very close to my hometown of Bielsko-Biala! Small world!

As time went on, I gained more and more experience in online teaching and dealing with people, who were often much older than me. My knowledge came from practice, because I never attended any business course. I teach because it is my passion. I feel some kind of mission. I understand perfectly students who have trouble remembering large portions of theory, because I, as a student, quickly lost concentration and found it hard to focus on theoretical textbook lessons.

During one of my language exchanges, the person I was teaching turned out to be the owner of an online language school. He enjoyed the lessons I taught, and consequently, at a very young age, I had a job with one of the first online language schools in Poland. I was over the moon!

On 12th August 2012, after a memorable vacation in Tuscany, I decided to work only for myself. That was the start of NJO (Nauka Języków Obcych or Learning Foreign Languages), a company which brings together all lovers and enthusiasts of foreign languages . The photos that appear on the banner of the website are my students. Some of them I have even been to visit in their home towns. It’s nice to have a coffee with someone who for a few years you’ve only heard but never seen! If you want to check the authenticity of the students, I can give you their e-mail addresses, so you can confirm that their testimonials and photos are real.

Today, I conduct lessons in English and French, create lesson plans, carry out training in online language teaching for other teachers, as well as look for other passionate teachers who will help NJO to grow.

Welcome to all lovers of unconventional solutions, travel and of course foreign languages!

Agnieszka Stasicka